Tenex Health TX – A minimally invasive, one-time treatment for chronic tendon and plantar fascia disease

Tendinitis, an inflammation, irritation and swelling of the tendon, comes from an injury or doing the things you love or need to do—over and over again. Repetitive motions, no matter how ordinary, can cause small micro tears that occur each time you use your tendon. When the micro tears do not heal properly, chronic tendonitis (tendon degeneration) can occur.

Percutaneous tenotomy or percutaneous fasciotomy, using ultrasonic energy powered by the Tenex Health TX® System, is a safe and quick procedure specially designed for those who are suffering from painful conditions associated with chronic tendon damage.

Tenex Health TX commonly treats chronic tendonitis and fasciitis (medically known as tendinosis or fasciosis) in areas such as in the shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, ankle and foot. Speak with us today if you are suffering with:

  • Shoulder tendonitis (rotator cuff or biceps)
  • Tennis / golfer’s elbow
  • Gluteal tendonitis (hip)
  • Jumper’s knee
  • Achilles tendonitis (ankle)
  • Plantar fasciitis (foot or heel)
  • Calcific deposit in the tendon

Tenex Health TX is based on advanced technology developed in collaboration with the world renowned Mayo Clinic, and has been clinically proven to remove tendon pain for over 85% of patients.

Tenex Health TX benefits – clinically proven to remove tendon pain for over 85% of patients:

If you have tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, medication, or just taking time to ice, stretch and rest and are still in pain, talk to us.  We now have a solution that does not involve general or open surgery, may give you quick pain reduction and should have you back to enjoying the things you love in a few weeks to a few months.

Patient benefits may include:

  • Rapid pain relief and rapid recovery of 6-8 weeks to return to normal activities
  • Performed typically with local anesthetic
  • No stitches (requires only a small, adhesive bandage)
  • Quick procedure (performed in minutes, not hours)
  • Most patients require only a one-time treatment with no post-procedure physical therapy needed
  • Covered by most insurance

How does Tenex Health TX work?

Precisely targets your damaged tissue. Your doctor uses ultrasound imaging, just like the kind used to see babies in the womb, to visualize and identify the specific location of the damaged tendon tissue.

Gently removes damaged tissue. Once the source of your tendon pain is identified, your doctor numbs the area with a local anesthetic, allowing you to stay awake the entire time. Many people say after the numbing process—which feels like a bee sting—they felt only a slight pressure during the procedure (if they felt anything at all). Your doctor then uses gentle ultrasonic energy designed to safely breakdown and remove the damaged tissue. The ultrasonic energy is applied with the TX MicroTip, which requires only a microincision to reach the damaged tissue. Because the incision is so small and the ultrasonic energy precisely treats only the damaged tendon tissue, the surrounding healthy tissue is left unharmed.

Requires no stitches. When the procedure is completed, your doctor applies a small adhesive bandage; no stitches are required. Because you are awake during the procedure (no general anesthesia), many people are able to drive home after the procedure.

Can offer nearly instant pain relief with a rapid recovery. Recovery is rapid with many people being back to normal activity within 6-8 weeks or less. Because the surrounding healthy tissue is not disturbed, and no stitches or general anesthesia is required, there is minimal downtime and less discomfort compared to open surgery. The speed of your recovery depends on the location of your tendonitis and your individual results may vary.

Watch how your doctor uses Tenex Health TX to treat chronic tendonitis pain

As a percutaneous tenotomy or percutaneous fasciotomy procedure, Tenex Health TX is typically covered by Medicare-approved and private health insurers. It is always recommended that patients consult the treating physician and individual health plan. Individual results may vary. For more information, visit www.tenexhealth.com.

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